The Last Stand: Dead Zone – Compound Defense

So I want to talk about compound defense for The Last Stand: Dead Zone. I have seen so many players from viewing their compounds have all their storages outside of their compound.. why? Would you keep your flat screen TV outside or leave your wallet on top of your car? You should keep your storages (the one that have resources in them) inside your compound to where your survivors can protect them.

Just think if a player were to attack your compound because they are in need of resources and all of your resources are outside like in this photo:
The Last Stand Dead Zone Player Raid
Wouldn’t that just be an easy snatch and grab?

Well you do not want that to happen to you so you need to put all of your storages (food, water, wood, metal, cloth) inside your facility to where you can properly protect them. For example in the below video it is a zombie raid. Just imagine for a second if it were a player raid on my compound. Then my survivors would slaughter any player that tries to get close to my facility and take the bulk of my resources.

Now the other part of it is you might notice that my water and food collection structures are all outside (where they have to be) and on one side of the facility. Why do I not have survivors protecting those? My question back is why take the risk of my survivors dying to protect just a little bit of resources? Place all your manpower at the center of your facility and utilize the rally flags so you make sure that every attack your survivors are assigned to certain positions and they will always be there when an attack takes place. Try to keep your recon survivors in a range to where they can protect your other survivors from the players recons survivors that are trying to snipe them(I will explain this whole strategy in a future post called Player Attack Strategies). Because when you have some Recon survivors equipped with Hunter Compact long rifles they have so much range they will start shooting at anything that tries to get in first. For defense of your facility you should equip your recons and all other survivors with quick reload gear like you would in missions. This is definitely the optimal choice to have if you are away from your computer and a player attacks your compound and the AI has to fight your battle.

UPDATE– I saw this defense layout while I was searching compounds to attack and found it to be very very good. He is pretty much protecting everything he has the way it is all setup and makes it incredibly hard for a player to gather resources especially if he has some recons with some good ranged rifles (like the Hunter Compact) anyways take a look at what I mean:

What happens if your compound is attacked while your on a mission?
Well it gets attacked obviously and your survivors get injured (if they are there and attacked) your resources get taken and you have to build them up again. You also get this nifty little attack report:
the last stand dead zone compound attack report


3 responses to “The Last Stand: Dead Zone – Compound Defense

  1. Hi,

    Can you give a list of how many of each kind of storage and collectors do we realistically need?

    Is it better to have 1 storage that’s upgrade all the way to save space or have 3 storage and upgrade them one by one?

    I’m currently facing a scenario where I have 3 level 1 ammo storage and they are full.

    I also have 2 ammo collectors, is that overkill?

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