The Last Stand: Dead Zone – Game Guide, Walkthrough, Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Alright while I got my survivors cleaning up a pile for an hour and half I’m going to attempt to write a walkthrough that will be very useful for newcomers to The Last Stand: Dead Zone on facebook based off what I learned and the mistakes I made since I started this awesomely addicting game.
UPDATE- Looking for games like The Last Stand: Dead Zone that are not on facebook? These are single player – Try these out one is the prequel by conartistgames:
The Last Stand: Union City – Freely roam the city and scavenge with your party members in a side scrolling view.
Rebuild 2 – For the whole compound management and survivor strategy experience and still with zombies.
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The Last Stand: Dead Zone - Screenshot“Dude why is the angle of your screenshot weird?” In the bottom right hand corner you see those arrows next to the zoom in and zoom out buttons (+ and -) That will left you flip the angle so you can see on the other side of your compound. Looks like a refresh button so alot of people end up just avoiding pressing it at all.

The game will definitely show you a few things here and there but soon enough if you are like me you will want to ignorantly skip through all the information and dive into the game for yourself and figure it out by yourself with a hands on approach.

The Last Stand: Dead Zone Noobie Tips

Dont remove the junk piles! Just stop! You do not know how valuable those resources are until you are an idiot like me and mine all 10 of those 30 second piles just because you can. If you do not have the storage to save the material then leave it on the ground!

First piece of advice I can give you is do not use your fuel! Save this fuel for weapons and gear for later levels you will thank yourself later.

All my character upgrade points went into fighting. In later levels(and on missions now) when fighting against people this is all you will be doing so why not make your leader a strong fighter.

Build your workbench, because you have to before you can build anything else.

Another nice tip is time is money and anything under 5 minutes you can speed up for free! There is no limit to this either so if you build a hundred things at once and they all have 5 minutes left them you can speed through that last five minutes on all your projects.

How to get more survivors? Just press the Compound Progress Report button that is blue with the person icon and the plus button it will show you everything you need to level up in order to bring a new survivor to your compound:

Do not upgrade anything! (at first) See the screenshot below? Well those numbers represent how many of those things you can build and have in your compound at once. Max them out before you upgrade anything. Reason being is at the lower levels the resources to build level one storage and productions facilities is cheap. When you have 3 of each its like having an upgraded one cheaper. The Last Stand: Dead Zone Building 101

Do not trip out about your food supply. I didn’t feed my survivor for 3 days and she survived. But do hit the little yellow construction helmet and goto the production tab and build your food gardens and water gardens as soon as you are able. Shortly after building them then you need to build your food storage and water storage because you will be stocking up sooner than you know it.

Build one bed do not build a second one until you are ready to take on another survivor. At the top of the screen that blue bar may be full and telling you that you are ready to take on a new survivor but only do it when you are ready. Survivors help a ton but they also eat up your food resources so make sure you are ready for them so you are not starving yourself.

Once you start getting bored and your morale is good, your leader is fed and the storages are stocked build a bed so you can take on a new survivor.

My first survivor
Eric Richardson came to my compound and I knew exactly what to do with him and what job to assign to him: Scavenger. I needed a survivor to help cut down the time of sorting through all the junk piles. Little did I know once I really got into the game how smart of a decision this was. I ended up giving him my leaders Lawson .22 pistol (he happens to be specialized with this weapon) and I bought a Tauron 9mm from the Fuel weapons shop for the leader. Only 25 fuel made sense to me and has worked very well so far(UPDATE-3-25-12-Yeah if I could do this all over I would not buy any weapons with the fuel I would just scavenge for them. Save your fuel for something really good later on).

So I would just scavenge and build and stock up and wait for zombie attacks because those were definitely the most fun I was having. One bright day I decided to start checking out all of the little options and clicked the city map.the-last-stand-dead-zone-map-button That is when this game completely changed for me and made me realize it was alot more than just surviving random zombie attacks and building a cool compound. The Last Stand: Dead Zone is Mob Wars on crack on steroids on Monster Import energy drinks! Yeah in the past I played mafia wars and mob wars and got bored of them quickly because everything was automated. Dead Zone lets you take those missions but lets you handle the battle yourself. Anyways what you have to do once your on the map screen.
the-last-stand-dead-zone-union-city(the white block with the bright green dot was someones face, I colored over it for their own privacy)
Click around and look for facilities to go into and look for food, water and junk. They will have icons on the bottom to show you what the places have inside them so you will know what you are going for. (If you need quick resources like cloth, wood, metal goto the resources icon on the left side its the hammer and it will show you all the places you need to hit up) What you need to look for is Level 1 low threat places to go into and get some stuff. Start with the convenient store it is easy as pie. Just move your mouse around and look for shelves, bodies, boxes and everything to scavenge through. The red out areas on my screen means I have scavenged there and cannot do it for another 24 hours.
My second survivor
UPDATE- 3-23-12 – If I could do this all over my second survivor would have been a recon role. They are awesome with rifles and assault weapons(SMG and SEMI automatics) and have excellent range.
Alejandro Morales was my second survivor to come to the compound and I made him an engineer. Once because he can speed up the building process of things but also he is very good with melee weapons and he can take a hit and is not that slow. Makes him good choice in my opinion for scavenging parties and compound growth.
The Perfect scavenging team (at low levels)
perfect scavenge team

I found that with my leader and my scavenger both with firearms and my engineer with a crowbar this made a nicely balanced little party for going through all these areas. First I would let my scavenger go through everything seeing as out of everyone he did it the quickest and I let my leader and Alejandro Morales the engineer beat the zombies down with a crowbar. You remember that red on the noise on the Tauron 9mm that I gave my leader? It is perfect because that lets your leader draw all the attention of the zombies while your scavenger is digging through things and brings the zombies right to you and Mr Louisville slugger to pond them down while your reloading.
UPDATE– My engineer now has an improvised SMG and this is a zombie slaughtering team!
It is nice to just fly through the missions with Eric picking up all the crap quickly and my leader and Alejandro slaughtering anything that comes within the vicinity.
The Last Stand: Dead Zone Hotkeys: for Survivors
I had to search to find out that YES you can use hotkeys for your survivors and they are the 1,2,3,4,5,6 keys. Why are they not working? Well if you like to play in fullscreen they will not work because of some limitation with the flash player. But if you play in the regular size then you will be able to hotkey away and making your missions alot easier rather than all that annoying click click click.
The Death MobileThe Last Stand: Dead Zone - Death Mobile
That hunk of junk black car actually runs and you can use it! Seeing as how so many of these locations are only 5 minutes away and you remember the speed up tip from earlier? (Hit the Speed UP button under the return survivors area) Well you can quickly bring your entire crew back as soon as you are done with your mission and just as quickly go out for another scavenger hunt!
Compound defense strategies
Seeing as barricades are useless at the moment and zombies can just walk around them there are a few different strategies to try and repel the zombies while you pop off some rounds into their heads.
Some of these are ones I have found in the game and some are posted by other people and I just grabbed them.

This guy states this will keep the zombies moving around while you continue to pop off rounds and says if you have 3 Death Adder revolvers then the zombies will not even get close to you.

This is the pacman barricade strategy where you just keep the zombies running through there like a tower defense game kind of strategy when guiding creeps through your battlefield.

This one does not serve alot of defense purposes in my opinion at all but it sure does have a nice presentation. I found it in the game while checking out others compounds.
Injured Survivors – Injuries bug on moral
Currently there seems to be a bug where you will see remnants of past injuries affecting a specific survivors moral (Injures -2). Whether it happened with a looting crash(missions crashed and survivors sent home injured) or whatever they never go away! So this is officially a bug right now and is suppose to be fixed in a new build be patient. So just ignore it and go on about your game until it is fixed there is nothing you can do about it.
The Last Stand: Dead Zone – How to get more free fuel
For one fuel is scarce because the developer wants to make some money for all of his hard work. I’ll Update this when I find better cheats for getting fuel. But there are ways to get a little bit a fuel here and there (the item is called: Jerrycan of Fuel) when you scavenge on missions. Also in piles around your compound.
The Last Stand: Dead Zone - Get more fuel for Free!So when you leave the compound to go on missions click the weapon icon because fuel can almost always be found in the street missions near abandoned humvees hidden behind storage pods. As you can see in the screenshot they are circles by the big red circles that you cannot miss. In that particular mission there were 3 different fuel scavenge locations.
Now you can find fuel is missions anywhere especially in warehouse missions and the item will be called the “Jerrycan of Fuel” and it gives +5 fuel I found 2 of these in one warehouse mission.
The Last Stand: Dead Zone - Get Free Fuel

For the time being this is all I have for you right now. I will update this guide with more as I go along but this should help you get a good outline of what you should do when you are first starting out. If you are bored and at work or school and cant get on facebook and your just so addicted to the game that you reading stuff about it online because your a wacko like me that took the time to write a review for it then kill some time trying out some other zombie games and strategy games while you wait to get home and get back to the awesomeness.
Post Apocalyptic TV Shows
If you like the game and the theme you will definitely like these shows so I felt like I would recommend them.
The Walking Dead – A TV series of life after most of the worlds inhabitants have been either eaten or turned into zombies. The main character is a sheriff that goes on a search to find his family and finds himself in a city wall to wall with zombies. I would give you more info on the show but I’m not going to spoil anything. Catch it on netflix for the first 2 seasons for free.
Discovery channel – The Colony where they put people in this exact situation (aside from the zombies of course) but people building their own colonies with water collection and purification centers and storage facilities for water and food. There are engineers, scavengers, geologists and convicts. All walks of life thrown together to help each other survive and fight against other scavengers and their rogue colonies that try and attack their compound.
Then there is Jericho – Jericho show It is on netflix for free! This is a TV series about the US being bombed by nukes it is pretty addicting with a character that is the black sheep of the family but ends up being everyone hero when he makes a pit stop in his old hometown. You will fall in love with the characters see a few of them die and watch them carry out some things you have screaming at them to do for awhile, watch it and you will see what I mean.


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  1. While the most game looks exactly like The Walking Dead, the philosophy of building a compound based on raw materials, literaly reminded me of Falling Skies show… though the show is a post-apocalyptic from an alien invasion, check it out.

  2. I’ve been sending my people out scavanging but when they find things I have no idea how to collect them.Any help would be happily accepted.Tired of going back home empty-handed.

  3. i have 6 survivers scavenger recon dr but my question is i send my people on missions they collect lots of stuff but nothing adds up in my invintory for instance i collect a car battery it didnt show up in inventory same with lots of thing why

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